Success of Corpoplast Beverage Equipment in China continues

The Corpoplast Beverage Equipment Company Ltd. (CBE) in China continues to grow. In March 2015 the PET packaging specialist for still water installed the AQUABLOC 24/72-30 at Coca-Cola bottler Swire Beverages. CBE is also set to deliver a PET filling system for still water to Quanyangquan which locate in the growth region of Changbaishan, the northeast of China this year.

Suzhou, 15.06.2015 – Corpoplast Beverage Equipment has been successful on the Chinese market for over two years now. The company specializes in filling and packaging technology for still water in PET bottles and markets the efficient AQUABLOC system for the stretch blow molding, filling and capping of PET bottles holding between 0.1 and 2 liters. The technology and expertise from Germany are already much in demand. CBE, Corpoplast Beverage Equipment, is affiliated with Klöckner PET Technology, a subsidiary of Salzgitter AG. In 2015 CBE was able to meet a large order from its customer Swire Coca-Cola Beverage Zhejiang Co., Ltd. The company is one of the largest Coca-Cola bottlers worldwide. CBE installed the AQUABLOC 24/72-30 for the production line at Swire Coca-Cola Beverage Zhejiang Co., Ltd. in Hangzhou. The line has a maximum capacity of 48,000 bottles per hour and can manufacture and process four different PET bottle sizes ranging from 350 ml to 2 liters. The AQUABLOC was installed in February 2015 and went into operation just one month later. CBE also made something of a major inroad into the Changbaishan region in the northeast of China this year. Chinese province Jilin is famous for its excellent water quality and Changbaishan is an important region with great growth potential as a production area for water bottlers. CBE has already sold the first AQUABLOC 18/54-30 for a production line with an output of 36,000 bottles an hour to Quanyangquan.

"We have a very optimistic view of the future as we see plenty of potential for development in China. The production of still water is a big growth market there. We're reckoning on an increase of around 10% in annual water sales. The Changbaishan region especially will profit from this. We're thus also very pleased to already be active here and to have taken the first step towards a successful future in this region," explains Jürgen Schädlich, sales director for CBE.

About the AQUABLOC
The AQUABLOC from CBE is a robust, compact and efficient system for the stretch blow molding, filling and capping of PET bottles holding between 0.1 and 2 liters of still water. With its modular, space-saving design and cam-controlled stretching system it enables a high level of process stability and precision in production.




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